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Still thinking of a witty headline (hey look! a poem!)

I have not written much poetry in a long time (not that I ever wrote much, to be honest), and I'm not going to pretend for even half a second that I'm any good at it. But I've discovered that the more I focus my creative writing in general, the more that my mind wanders into different forms of creative expression. The first few lines floated through my thoughts the other day, so I decided to grab some pen and paper to see where the words would take me.

I've been working on a a longer piece for months, while I continue to send out my completed short stories in hopes that someone will want to publish one of them. I am keeping those close to the chest and won't be sharing them online just yet.

In the meantime, below is a little poem that I'd like to share with the universe. May it help you banish your own internal (or external) beasts.

Forrest Fairy
Photo by Phil Hearing / Unsplash

To Banish the Beast

you are mythical
existing only in fairy tales
and daydreams
and nightmares

like a Unicorn
a Pegasus
a Chimera

once, your presence gave me security and comfort
your smile gave me warmth

then all at once you brought sorrow
and loneliness
and pain

your power undulates like a wave retreating to the distance
            returning to crash against the rocks
eroding the layers of my soul

you are mythical
existing only in memories
half-remembered whispers from the past

you do not exist
you will not hold sway

the body you possess is an illusion
you are nothing but a Fairy
a Pixie
an Imp

I see your false smile
your empty words that aim to lure me back
like a Will-o’-the-wisp beckoning in the dark with it’s flickering light

but you will not ensnare me

fly back to the land of mist and shadow

you are not real
you are not real