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Life With Boys

two brothers have taken control of my life. They demand snacks, video games, and occasionally some emotional support. These are my stories

Snow-free winter

This has been the warmest winter I can remember. Sadly, this is an impressive showing of Snow.Tom was too little last year to have enjoyed all the white stuff that covered our backyard, didn't have the hand-eye coordination to make snowballs, or the core strength to sit upright in

cottage life. the August edition

August 3, 2016The sun shines down and heats my freckled arms and legs, the water glistens, and in the distance I can hear the water gently lapping against the rocks while my kids play (and bicker) at the beach. I would be there with them but I twisted my ankle

bedtime revelations

October 2018My older son generally chooses bedtime as the moment to share his deepest thoughts, fears, and concerns. It’s also when he’ll tell me secrets or about upsetting things that happened at school that day. He could go the whole day with barely saying anything to me, but