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Once upon a Christmas

I'm listening to a little Kenny & Dolly right now. It is a Christmas tradition around my house. And by that I mean that I listen to the album "Once Upon a Christmas"  at least once a day while the rest of my family tries to pretend that they don't get a headache when I belt out Hard Candy Christmas. They are quite kind, really. In my imagination, I can hit all the high notes right along with Dolly, but I'm not delusional. I know that I sound like a wounded cat.

I always wait until December 1st to pull the bins of Christmas decorations from the basement, and this past Saturday was no exception. Once all the bins were in the living room, we all fulfilled another much-loved tradition: walking 200 metres to the garden centre to pick out the Perfect Christmas Tree. The return trip usually takes about 15 minutes, and one of the kids picks a seemingly random tree to be "The One," which speeds up the process. Honestly, I do love it. Sure, we don't have the joy of driving to a tree lot where we can select and cut down our own tree, but we also don't have to worry about tying the tree to the car.

This morning our elf was relaxing on the tree. It's a bit warm in the house so he even hung up his jacket. 

Our Elf, who usually shows up in the morning of December 1st, got lost along the way – I suspect he was drunk – so didn't show up until December 2nd. Our 8-year-old has already written out his long list of gift requests and this morning presented them to the Elf so he can bring the letter directly to Santa. Our 10-year-old has stated that he just wants money this year. I'm not sure that Santa does that, though, so I suggested he write a list of things he'd like. Just in case.  

Now, back to enjoying the Christmas music, and finishing up the decorating.