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Monday morning musings

Right, I know. It's Tuesday. But these thoughts came to me yesterday. And also, I enjoy the alliteration.

I remember a time when I looked forward to the weekend because it meant a reprieve from the daily 9-5 grind. Does that also make you think of Dolly Parton or is it just me?  

Currently, my full-time job is of the non-paying variety: I spend my days doing laundry, thinking about what food I will feed my kids, and trying to find time to write. So for me, Mondays are the days that I most look forward to – after a weekend of chauffeuring my beautiful children to various sporting activities and social engagements, I get a bit of a breather. I can sit in a coffee shop (or my couch) and quietly enjoy my coffee, confident in the knowledge that I don't have anywhere to rush off to.

This will soon change, however. After several months without active, gainful employment I am now on the job hunt. Until the this past January, I freelanced as an editor for a professional publishing company, working at all hours of the day and night to meet deadlines. Since summer's glow faded to the dreary reality of fall, I have been looking at trying to find work that has a reward other than the occasional side-eye and snarky comment at the supper that I've placed in front of my family. Dare to dream.

The challenge that I now face: finding someone who will pay me money to edit and proofread while I sit in my pajamas and stream music through my Sonos. So that's what I'm working on today.

Also, my son's 10th birthday was last week and I always try to wait until AFTER his birthday to start decorating for Christmas. But my cleaner comes on Thursday, so do I bring out the boxes now and decorate like crazy (except for the tree of course because we get a real one), or do I wait until after she has cleaned the house.

Part of the challenge of keeping my house clean is the volume of books. I've known for a long time that I have an addiction to books. This is something that I've passed along to my children. Not a bad thing – in general – but it's now reached the point where we have run out of bookshelf space. We've also run out of space to put new bookshelves. Every surface has a stack of books, and I can rarely sit on the couch without moving a couple out of the way.

I know the only answer is to purge the books that I no longer need, but this is something that has always been a challenge. I like to have the option to re-read my books, and so do my kids. And, if we're honest, so does the husband. It's a family trait. My big challenge is to try to find the strength to say good-bye to some books. Not sure I can do it.

One last thing: sometime last year, while browsing through Dollarama, I discovered a Ted The Geek Pop! action figure. I paid $4. Total deal, especially seeing what Amazon would charge me. Now I see that Amazon also has Samantha Baker AND Jake Ryan. Now that I know they exist, how can I live the rest of my life without them?

Santa, I have been very good this year!