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Here we go again

I've been busy lately. So busy, in fact, that I completely forgot that I started a blog last summer.

Let me explain: in January I started working for a new company as a freelance editor. Love the flexibility of being able to work in my pajamas, don't love that I sometimes have sometimes work until 2am to meet otherwise unattainable deadlines.

The end result? Not a lot of time to think about creative pursuits. Or so I thought. I decided to dust off my pens and notebooks and enrolled in a writing class at the local college. It has broken me out of the doldrums, and opened the floodgates of my creativity. In the past two months I've completed three short stories and started working on a longer might-turn-into-a-novel story. Wish me luck?

I don't know how many people actually read these words, but in case you do, I figured that I would share a link to one of the stories I decided to share. This one is unlike the others that I've written. It's sweet and innocent, while the others contain heartache, death, and despair.

I think the world needs more sweetness. So this is what you get first. Thanks for reading.