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clear skies on the horizon

It's been raining most of the day, unexpectedly. According to the weather people (they are all-knowing, right?), we were only supposed to get a bit of rain during the day, with a potential thunder storm this evening. Seems the weather people were wrong this time.

Most days of my life, a bit of rain is not a big deal, but on a day at the cottage, rain can be a bit of a drag, particularly when my kids are starting to get just a bit sick of each other. It is 30 days into summer vacation, after all. We have played the obligatory 2-hour board game (LIFE), and my two sons have fulfilled their daily requirement of whining, moaning and general bickering. Overall, it's exactly the kind of day where I want to find a quiet place to escape, so I found a dry chair under the porch outside, grabbed a beer from the cooler and surrounded myself with my electronic devices. I have my cell phone in case I get a call from the man who is scheduled to come and empty our septic system, my tablet for reading my book (The Orenda by Joseph Boyden) and my laptop (which I'm using to pen what you are currently reading).

The air is still, even though the clouds overhead seem to be moving quickly. The result is bursts of rain followed by a few moments of stillness. In the distance I can see evidence of light peaking through the clouds, and I wonder if that means that once these clouds pass the sun will emerge. One can only hope.

My sister is here with us this weekend – her first cottage visit of the year. Four years ago she survived a battle with cancer, and she is scarred from the treatment that ensured her longer life. One of her biggest struggles is that her scars are internal, so most people don't appreciate her continuing struggle. The high doses of radiation to her pelvis did manage to shrink the lemon-sized tumour, but she was left with lingering pain, and some days are better than others. Today is not a good day. My hope is that the beautiful location will help her heart, if not her body.

rain falls on the still bay