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Am I eating too many carbs?

The answer is a resounding "Yes" if we are to compare it to how my jeans are fitting. In my defence, I really enjoy bread, and it makes me happy. My turntable is currently playing an album by Stars, and it's reminding me how much joy I get from live

Easter at home

Easter at home

I have been spending a lot of time on Twitter lately, reading through random threads. Well, that is not a recent thing. For several months, it's been a mild diversion that used to bring me amusement. In these dark times, though, there is little amusement to be found. This morning

Keeping my sh*t together

Nothing in life has prepared me for this. These beautiful, sunny, early Spring days have been the hardest ones of my life. I have felt immense grief. I lost my father a few years after my mother chose that she didn’t want to really be a mother anymore. I

Losing track of the days but still grateful

Today is March 27, and I think this is day 13 of semi-isolation. I keep track by remembering that my kids were at school on Friday, March 13. No one in my family is sick (thank goodness), but we are taking no chances. For the first few days, I allowed