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And life was never the same

Eleven years ago today, because of you, I became a mother.

Eleven years of watching you grow into a beautiful human with long golden locks and an electric smile, radiating the kind spirit you hide within.

You are intelligent, and thoughtful, and loud, and brimming with energy.

Eleven years of sleepless nights, listening for coughs, and nightmares, and massaging away leg cramps after a day filled with running.

Eleven years of brimming with pride over the incredible person you are becoming: the kind friend and brother and son.

Even now, as I watch you run ahead of me with your friends, whispering conspirators, in my mind you are also my newborn son, cradled in my arms in the darkness of the hospital room while I marvel at the soft fuzz of hair on your back.

Eleven years of feeling each slow minute tick by while also wishing I could hit pause for a few days, to keep you as you are right now. For just a little bit longer.