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All of us working from home...

Those knees in the grey jeans? Those are mine from just a few moments ago. These jeans have become part of my uniform, along with either a tank top or an oversized (and, let's be honest, stained beyond being able to wear out in public) t-shirt.

I have  been relegated to setting up my "desk" using two end tables and the couch. My husband is in our office, where his never-ending Zoom meetings make the space too distracting to get any work done. My kitchen table is taken over by my two sons and their laptops as they work through the work assigned by their teachers.

It's all very...civilized. Day Three of official Home Schooling seems to be going well. (the first three weeks don't count because I failed miserably).  What I have learned is that my kids (and most people for that matter) do better when they have a prescribed routine and clear expectations. For our house, the expectations are that the kids are out of bed before 9am (which is becoming increasingly more difficult during our isolation), they get dressed (ok, they haven't been doing this), and that school work from 9-11am every day.

I interrupt this blog post to update the status: Until about three minutes ago, all was good, but we had a brief moment of tears of frustration over...I am not sure what, to be honest. My kids have been fairly stoic over the past few weeks, but we all have moments where the frustration becomes too much.

Anyway. I don't know about the rest of you, but I am starting to come to the other side of my anxiety and stress from this pandemic and I'm inching towards acceptance. We'll see if I still feel this way tomorrow.

For now, since I have obviously started to lose my train of thought, I will sign off so I can meet my deadlines. Happy Wednesday everybody.

Other than the fact that instead of working on paying work, I am taking