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Am I eating too many carbs?

The answer is a resounding "Yes" if we are to compare it to how my jeans are fitting. In my defence, I really enjoy bread, and it makes me happy. My turntable is currently playing an album by Stars, and it's reminding me how much joy I get from live

Easter at home

Easter at home

I have been spending a lot of time on Twitter lately, reading through random threads. Well, that is not a recent thing. For several months, it's been a mild diversion that used to bring me amusement. In these dark times, though, there is little amusement to be found. This morning

Keeping my sh*t together

Nothing in life has prepared me for this. These beautiful, sunny, early Spring days have been the hardest ones of my life. I have felt immense grief. I lost my father a few years after my mother chose that she didn’t want to really be a mother anymore. I